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Our specialised technology integrates cost-effective, compliance-focused SMSF and wealth management documentation, technical advisory, remediation and tailored solutions that protect both advisor and client from risk.

Our deep expertise and understanding

in the specialised legal and compliance requirements of the wealth management profession underpins the provision of: 

  • low cost professional documentation services and complimentary legal advice provided by our associated financial services and SMSF specialists Townsends Lawyers and facilitated by constantly evolving technology-based documentation solutions, means that we can deliver the highest possible service support and quality legal documentation at a lower price.

  • online, cloud-based document delivery for simplicity, time and cost efficiencies. Choose PAYG, with and without legal review, subscription or tailored legal services delivered seamlessly through our leading technology platform.  We make it easy!  and importantly direct assistance or advice is just a complimentary, fast phone call away from our ever-helpful Help Desk teams.

  • constantly evolving legal solutions that protect against advisor and client risk. Our associates Townsends Lawyers audit, review, advise and update SUPERCentral’s on-line legal precedents and advice, combined with integrated legal documentation and strategic and tailored rectification, ratification and tailored solutions to protect against advisor and client risk.


What we offer


We are also professional advisors' 1st choice for

  • integrated wealth management solutions. It is vitally important to ensure that wealth management documentation is integrated and important structures are not inadvertently overlooked. Call us for stand-alone or integrated SMSF, trusts, LRBA, asset protection, estate planning and probate that work together seamlessly, or simply for complimentary advice as to how we might assist.

  • expert legal advisory, review and remediation. We can also assist with set-up review, rectification, and remediation services through the spectrum of professional legal requirements such as contractual agreements, buy/sell, asset protection and complex estate planning requirements.  Ask us today how we can help!

  • strategic or complex structures; review, advice, specific tailoring


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